Targets and cathodes

(RL 45 specialization)

Target and the cathodes of different purpose from ultra-pure materials obtained by sintering in a vacuum, followed by compression blast

Resistive targets

Together with the Russian company OOO “Lab 3” (Zelenograd) manufacturing technology based on resistive targets silicides. The maximum dimensions of targets: plates – up to 450 mm disc – up to 180 mm. The targets have been successfully tested in enterprises of electronic industry.

The range of resistive targets for magnetron sputtering:

РС 3710, РС 3001, РС 2005,
РС 5406Н, РС 5406К, РС 2310К,
РС 3000К РС 6012, РС 2802М,
РС 2402, РС 4206, РС 4400,
РС 4800, РС 1004
and other compounds.

Technical characteristics:


Name Compound, % weight Application
Si Co Ni Cr Fe
РС-5406Н 41 6 53
РС-5406К 41 6 53
РС-5402 44 54 2
РС-4800 52 48 To obtain resistive intermediate layers with high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and adhesion.
РС-4400 56 44 To obtain resistive layers with high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and adhesion and stable operation for a long time at temperatures up to 4000C.
РС-3710 53 10 37 To obtain thin-film resistive layers of electronics and general private use.
РС-1004 85 10 5 To obtain high-resistance thin film resistive layers chip private use.

In 2007, the improved technology of resistive targets for magnetron sputtering. From 2007 to 2010, on the “speaker-29P” comparative tests were carried out four targets for magnetron sputtering made ​​by the old and the new technology. The tests determined that improved tehnologiyaproizvodstva allowed to extend your target before the first crack and the work to the state of the target can not be of further use of more than 3 times.

Targets & cathodes