Explosive welding
(RL 44 specialization)

Bimetal and multi-track

In the modern techniques and technologies are increasingly used composite materials that combine the properties of different materials. Synthesis of the properties of different materials can be achieved by combining the methods soldering, diffusion welding, rolling, casting, pressing, etc., but only the explosive welding produces bimetallic billets and large product sizes from almost all compositions of metals and alloys. From this perspective, explosive welding is a versatile method of joining materials. However, renewable energy sources, the high speed of the process, are the reasons hindering its wide use in industry.

Institute of Pulse Processes carries explosion welding metals in various combinations: aluminum, copper, steel, refractory metals. Possible production of multi-layer compositions, 3 layers of different metals and the manufacture of products from raw materials obtained.

Welded tubular products

Explosive welding produces hollow billets for use as heat exchangers and panels.


Hollow ware