Detonation synthesis and shock-wave consolidation

(RL 44 specialization)

Detonation synthesis and shock-wave consolidation of nanostructured powders of superhard and diamond materials.

Polycrystalline diamond compact, consisting of ultrafine grains have the highest mechanical strength and hardness. They are a special class of artificial materials with unique microstructures that can produce by explosive or shock treatment. In nanozernistoy structure to maximize realized characteristic of high-strength ceramics possible braking deflection, branching and interacting cracks.

To obtain such high-modulus composite materials along with superfine powders source must use special methods of processing and sintering, which do not allow coarsening of the grain structure and promote its dispersion, recrystallization, forming sub-boundaries grinding impurities, etc. The problem is to obtain ultrafine, chemically pure starting powders and the development of innovative means of consolidation. One solution to this problem could be the use of explosive energy explosives for detonation synthesis, cutting and consolidation of powders. Development of a pulse, explosive methods of powders is promising because by pulsed high temperatures and pressures may fix in ultrafine state high metastable phase modification. Use for the purpose of high explosives, as a relatively cheap source of raw materials, will significantly reduce the cost of the final product, expand the range of application and make it profitable.

Blend of ultrafine diamond

The Research Institute of Pulse Processes with Pilot Plant produc powder of ultra-dispersed diamonds, which is a mixture of nanoscale particles of graphite and diamond, produced with detonation synthesis.

Diamond tools

Specialists of Laboratory #44 developed tools for coarse grinding stone diamond-based composite material. This diamond tools implemented at stone processing enterprises in Belarus, with the following characteristics: reduced specific consumption of diamonds in granite medium and high hardness by 2-3 times, reduced labor costs, energy consumption, improved productivity.

Detonation synthesis