Research Institute of Pulse Processes with Pilot Production

Research Institute of Pulse Processes with Pilot Plant (SRI PIs OP) is a member of the Institute of Powder Metallurgy of NAS of Belarus and specializes in research and technological works in the field of explosion of an economic use. Currently, SP SRI is a research and production complex with a well-developed infrastructure, which consists of three major research laboratories and pilot production, based on an experimental test site. Blasting operations are conducted in the open bomb sites and powerful explosive chambers equipped with protective structures and buildings, and facilities for the preparation of charges, storage of explosive materials. Pilot production enables mass production of high-tech products developed by scientists and engineers at the institute.

The Institute has qualified professionals, including doctors and candidates of technical sciences. They carry out research aimed at developing new technologies, new types of composite materials and products, the improvement of modern welding, stamping, consolidation and strengthening of the dynamic method. All this ensures the highest quality products and to satisfy the most demanding consumers.

The Institute has close scientific links with more than 20 research organizations and engineering and design offices abroad. The existing experimental facilities of the Institute, the presence of a unique research equipment and infrastructure provide an experimental range of scientific research to date and the creation of advanced materials by means of high-temperature, high-speed processing.

The Institute

The Institute has three laboratories: